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Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers-Good toys for Dogs-Dinosaur Eggs Shape


Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers,Durable Rubber Dog Toys,Puppy Teeth Cleaning Chews Interactive Dinosaur Toy for All Small Medium Large Dogs

Why is choosing the right molar toy for your buddy is more important than choosing buddy’s food?

dog toys

Stop telling me that brushing teeth is too difficult! The smart dog-person has already started with their buddy’s toys! Dental plaque, dental calculus, gum tumors and other serious oral diseases are not far away from your buddy. Unhealthy oral cavity will be a lifelong problem for your best buddy!

Don't be amazed by its "wild" appearance! This dinosaur egg molar doggie toy is not old classic one. The special zigzag-shaped molars is based on the characteristics of the buddy’s teeth and chewing habits for the design. It can be brushed inside and outside of the molars. A real bite! Cleaning twice! The surface of the hard eggshell simulates the taste of a doggie chewing bones. Compared with bitting-bones, no broken, no residue, this is more conducive to dental health! The soft pointed bumps are used to clean every canine tooth and incisor without dead ends during our buddy’s biting process. Tail design has cotton dog rope, which can satisfy our buddy's needs for multiple molar materials. Different ways, bite wherever you wanna bite! One toy, three tastes, destroy all imagination of other molar toy on the market!

dog toys
Such a small tech! All parts meticulous design for serving our buddy happily! Not only remove all kinds of rice residue, dirt and dental calculus. No matter incisors, canines or molars, deep clean into every inch of our buddy’s teeth with incredible ease. This is the real multi-function!

It’s super convenient for using, and all done with a bit! Super strong and high hardness nylon raw material +TPR material, chew well, no break, not smashed, non-toxic bite resistance, absolutely safe for your best buddy! Using your toothpaste on the surface to provide double cleaning protection! Gathering multiple fun such as teeth grinding, tooth cleaning, entertainment, etc. Sweet enough! Practical enough!

This cleaning toy is the best choice, king of the oral protection industry! Half an hour a day,bring you a healthy and sensible buddy back! Serve all types, all ages doggie , multi-color、different style,very optional!



Q: What’s the material of this product? How’s it smell l? Are there any other side effects?

A: This product is made of harmless non-toxic TPR material, it can handle our doggie’s aggressive bites. This product without any smell, non-toxic and healthy. As we can see, from this product quality and to our buddy’s health, we can it is better than any other rubber products in the market nowadays.

Q: The toy is durable? Is it possible to tolerate the doggie’s bites?

A: This chew toy has been tested by German shepherds, mastiffs, Huskies, Labradors, golden retrievers, pit bulls, and many other strong chewing-soldier countless times,which is why we offer a lifetime replacement service. Although there is no pet toy unbreakable, but we strongly our toys is the best!

Q: What kind of doggie is suitable for,all kinds? And how many pounds of our lovely friend should be weigh?

A: All doggies can use it. And better for 5-100 pounds of dogs.

Q: Is it easy to clean?

A: Watering the toy will be the best way to clean, it is super easy. This toy can withstand high temperature, even you washed in 100 degrees hot water, will not be deformed and peculiar weird smell.

 We provide the product after-sales service lifelong. If there’s damaged or our buddy doesn't enjoy it.The replacement is a must and for free or give the full refun.d to our customer. There’s any chance you need our customer servic.e, please send us a message directly, don’t be shy!

Q: If the doggie bite in a aggressive way, will lead the phenomenon of bleeding gums to our buddy?

A.: We recommended that our owner use our product once a day for our buddy, about 15-20 mins each time. This is pretty helpful to the dog's oral health, it will not cause the bleeding gums, and also protect it well.





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