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Cat Toys Interactive for Indoor cats


Cat Toys Interactive for Indoor Cats - Balance Cat Toy Chaser with Catnip and 4 Replacement Feather Teaser - Funny Roller Kitten Toys Chasing for Cat Exercise Puzzle Toy

1. No battery required and lightweight eough unique design :
When cat nudge the toy,The balance weels of 2 sides will move forward or backward. The funny design attracts more interest of your kitty, And also fulfills your cat's excrcise

2. Safety chasing toy for your cat:
This interactive balance car cat toy made of strong ,wear-resistant and food-grade ABS material ,
And it is designed without sharp corners, it won't harm your cat.

3. Attractive to your cats: Your cat will be attractived by the Built-in high content catnip ball and includes bells ,
Also there is a bright feather ,satisfies your cat's hunting instinct and keep active, these are help keep cats playing busy, happy and healthy.

4. Nice gift for your cat: The cat toys encourages exercise and it is suitable for everyday playing



=== FAQ ===

-Q:Will my cat be interested in this toy?

A: Sure ,  All cats will be curious about the toy after our long-term testing and verification, This toy can be used by cat alone or by multiple cats at the same time.

-Q:How to play with the  Cat toy?

A:This toy will be swung under its own gravity and move slowly. It can also move quickly under the external force of the cat. When this toy swings from side to side, the funny cat rod and interactive cat ball will be shaken to attract the cat to play.

-Q: Is it Suitable for indoor cats?

A:This cat toy is a perfect toy to entertain them and it is suitable for indoor cats,

-Q:What size cat is the interactive toy suitable for? 

A:This toy size is suitable for cats in any age.

-Q:Does the toy need to be powered on?

A:No electricity required, this  toy can be used directly by the cat.

-Q:What's the material of this toy? How long can this toy be used?

A:This toy is made of healthy ABS material. The toy can be used for a long time and the quality is very good.